Drawing on a rich tradition of storytelling in Latino Literature, Gina Franco explores the transformative power of compassion as she addresses themes of cultural alienation, lost family roots, and the uncertain resiliency of the self. By reaffirming the power of self-awareness, history, place, she reaches out to all who struggle to find meaning in times of trouble or self -doubt.

Gina Franco's poems have appeared in The Georgia Review, Black Warrior Review, Crazyhorse, Prairie Schooner, and other publications. She is reciepient of the Academy of American Poets Prize from Smith College and the Robert Chasen and Corson-Bishop Poetry Prizes from Cornell University. She teaches at Knox College in Illinois

The University of Arizona Press
Tucson, Arizona 85721
"A masterful new voice that deserves the widest possible readership."

Demetria Martinez  
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"Poems that singe the heart,even as they sing themselves into memory."

Maurya Simon
"These poems sail above the whole bursting complex panoply of life, seeing and cherishing the chance to see. They bequeath a sense of place so deep it transcends particularity and arrives at the interior terrain of thought, the inscape of what-is."

 "Gina Franco does the impossible thing that lyric poets set out to do: she retrieves the storm of being in its unsettleing  breadth, the world's devouring, the thou-art-that of transformation: hunger, love, death."

Alice Fulton

"It is not enough for poets to survive storms.  Gina Franco interprets storms, unscrambles chaos, and honors wounds. Here is a poet to trust because of her sheer will to thrive, no matter what."

Rene Arroyo
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"Gina Franco has created a poetry storm that blows other
poets to sea: her first book is nothing short of stunning."

Luis Alberto Urrea
The Keepsake Storm
Poems by Gina Franco