The mission suffered greatly after secularization.  For over 90 years,  wind , rain and avarice reduced the mission's adobe walls to grotesque, sad  brown mounds of mud.

Farmers, mostly of Swiss  heritage,  plowed the dark soil with little or no  regard for the mission ruins.  Year round, they planted a plethora of  profit-making vegetables.  The harvest  over, the gleaning complete, cattle were brought in to graze on what remained. Early on,  I  watched the cattle  eat, sleep, drink and defecate among the sad mission ruins.
S O L E D A D  S E R I E S

Outcast, He Polished His Nails
mixed media /paper 02 El Camino Real Dead  Ends Here
mixed media /paper 02Father Had a Dream
mixed media / paper 02
Boy Worker
mixed media/paper 02He Built a Carrito
mixed media/paper 02Harry, The Gringo Boss
mexed media/paper 02
What Shirt Do I Wear?The Are Like Dogs
mixed media /paper 02Little House on Fifth Street
mixed media /paper 02
White Bird on My Head
mixed media /paper 02Aye Que Mujer?
mixed media /paper 02Lonely and Friend
mixed media /paper 02
La Bolsita Blanca
mlxed media/paperHer Cabeza Trips me
mixed media/paperBull Headed
mixed media/ paper 02
The Soledad Wind
mixed media /paper 02Don't Call Her "La Bigotona"
mixed media /paper 02She Keeps her Babies in a Hat
mixed media /paper 02
The Artist as a Young Blonde  Man with Lipstick
mixedmedia/paper, 02
Dirty Brown Face
mixed media /paper 02Dream on the Edge of Nighmare
mexed media/ paper 02I Am a Rock Resting on Dirt
mixed media /paper 02
Soledad has prided itself as the "Carrot Capital of the World".... "The Heart of Salinas Valley". However , for years the nearby state prison, "Soledad Prison" has defined the town . Today, Soledad   is far from the small farming community  I grew up in. The once barren foothill's with their  rocky soil are now smothered  with lush grape  vineyards producing among the finest of  California  wines.

Soledad has shaped who I am and  continues to be a  fertile bed for much of my imagery. The mission has been partially restored and is now  worth a visit . Soledad is now a thriving community with its own Starbucks.

                                                                                                                                                   Federico Correa
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Soledad Perro
Most drawings are 8x10 inches sketchbook size.
I Met a Snake by the River
Soledad is a  thriving farming town in the heart of Salinas Valley, California.  The town rests  east of  the Salinas River minutes  from  Mission Nuestra Senora De La Soledad .
Mission Nuestra Senora De La Soledad   was  founded in 1791 by the Spanish Catholic Franciscan Order. Soledad  is a Spanish word meaning solitude or loneliness.

The  fecund soil on the valley floor surrounding the town coupled with   the area's warm temperate climate sustains a year-round profitable agribusiness. It  provides sustenance  for many of  the town's inhabitants. Harvest  depends on a large community of  farm workers, mostly  of Mexican  and Filipino heritage , and now mostly  illegal Latinos.