Babe Shapiro and Grace Hartigan painters and dear friends,  have been my life-saving  muses over the years.  

I studied under  Babe Shapiro,   founder of the Mount Royal Graduate School of Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. His thoughts and spirit remain. My two years at MICA defined who I am as a painter. Much gratitude to Babe. 

Grace Hartigan  was  a dear and caring friend and mentor. Our friendship was special.  After leaving Baltimore...Grace was  immensely influential in  my life and work. Her advice.."keep painting"...helped me get through the night. 

I honor and love both Babe and Grace. 

Federico Correa
Death of a Butterfly oil/canvas. 7x8 feet
I am deeply  moved  and honored  by Ms Franco's powerful  poem  "Butterfly, Death". 

Little did  Ms Franco know  that her  unexpected cyber-intervention   was angel calling from outer space.  I was in the doldrums for years and never really knew it.  She broke the thread. 

I invite  all  to read  "Butterfly , Death"   in its entirety by clicking  the image  on the  right.

Federico Correa

'Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone, and the only one who seeks out another. His nature -if that word can be used in reference to man, who has ‘invented’ himself by saying ‘no’ to nature- consists in his longing to realize himself in another. 

Man is nostalgia and a search for communion. Therefore, when he is aware of himself he is aware of his lack of another, that is, of his solitude.'

The Labyrinth of Solitude, Octavio Paz
The image on the left is an 8 X 7 foot  painting  titled "Santo Toulouse". It  was stolen from my painting studio in Baltimore in 1988.  

The image reproduction  here is from a poor slide.   I am trying to locate it. Have you seen it? 

 Octavio Paz
some photos by Scott London.
Walking with RosaFeeding Wood Pile KittiesWalking with Rosa
Santo Toulouse
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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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Gina Franco, Poet
Octavio Paz
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Painters...Babe Shapiro and Grace Hartigan 
By Ysidro Ramon Macias
FARMWORKER.....Federico Correa (dark jacket)  and cousin Ysidro Maciias working "topping " carrots in Salinas Valley.